"My landscape design approach is first and foremost, functional. It is the client who must live within it, therefore, it must be specifically tailored to fit each unique site and each unique person who interacts in it." -- Christopher Ross

Frost Damage? Don't Despair
If your plants appear to be damaged by frost, don't despair. Sometimes nature will do the pruning you never got around to! There are some general rules to follow for Florida's frost damaged plants, however.
Christopher Ross has your Florida frost 911 -- Click to read more.

Modern, historic, new -- beach, river, urban ...
Townhome, estate, or even a "small box with an existing patch of weeds" -- every home deserves the same thoughtful treatment -- honoring the needs of the people and pets that live there.

"Education of the client is my most important goal. No budget is too small not to learn how to better enjoy and manage your living space."

Christopher Ross, ASLA, is a landscape architectural designer and consultant with a
25-year "hands on" practice in residential landscape design and installation. Predominantly working within the Tampa Bay area, Ross holds a unique background as a fourth generation native Floridian who travels the state as a historic preservation specialist.

She will personally take your first phone call and educate you so that you make thoughtful, intelligent decisions. Even the most modest budget can allow your dreams to be realized. Plan before you plant! We can walk you through every step:

  • Design and permitting (even for simple projects!)
  • Planting and construction.
  • Maintenance programs.
  • Long term project modification (for growing families).

For Florida frost 911, call Christopher Ross at (727)-480-0987 or email at toffer@tampabay.rr.com

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